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Founded in 2012 by former Welsh Champion Jethro Binns & former World Number One Peter Nicol, SquashSkills is the world-leading online coaching platform, dedicated to squash, that helps any player improve their game, no matter their ability or level of experience.

There’s no one way to play squash, which means that there’s no one way to teach squash. That’s why we created SquashSkills. A unique offering that utilises web and mobile apps to create a melting pot of coaching ideas from the biggest names in the sport. SquashSkills will provide you with all the information, guidance, and motivation you need to take your game to the next level.

With world-class insight from the best players and coaches in the game, we’re always finding new ways to help you improve your squash game - from movement to match play - across video, fitness programming, testing, and more.

Why SquashSkills

A world-leading online coaching platform, dedicated to squash, that helps any player improve their game, no matter their ability or level of experience.

Supported By The Best In the Game

Unlock our extensive library of coaching playlists, training sessions, and programs from the world's best players & coaches covering all aspects of the game.

Learn On Your Terms

Once you’re subscribed, you’ve got unlimited access to the full SquashSkills library to watch as many times as you want, whilst you perfect your technique or master a specific aspect of the game. Pause, replay, or save the playlist…you’re in control. Watch whenever you want, wherever you are, and on any device.

For Every Player

SquashSkills is for every squash player. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, we’re here to help you maximise your game’s potential.

What Our Members Say

"Where can you get tips from pro players, coaching from World class coaches, and pre-made fitness sessions all in one place? That my friend, is SquashSkills."

Gursevak Sharma

Ontario, Canada

SquashSkills Subscriber

"The site is simply brilliant! I use it several times a week and it's helped me improve my squash and fitness a great deal. Please keep up the great work!"

Ashley Buckle

Melbourne, Australia

SquashSkills Subscriber

"You've helped me so much. I started in category 5 and after using SquashSkills almost every day for a year and a half, I'm going into category 2!"

Daniel Abdalla

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SquashSkills Subscriber

<div class="editor-content"><p><span style="color: #28263aff">Gursevak Sharma</span></p><p>Ontario, Canada</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p><span style="color: #28263aff">SquashSkills Subscriber</span></p></div>
<div class="editor-content"><p><span style="color: #28263aff">Ashley Buckle</span></p><p>Melbourne, Australia</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p><span style="color: #28263aff">SquashSkills Subscriber</span></p></div>
<div class="editor-content"><p>Daniel Abdalla</p><p>Rio de Janeiro, Brazil</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>SquashSkills Subscriber</p></div>

A Trusted Voice In Squash

With 12 World Number One’s, 8 World Champions, and a team of world-class coaches, you really are learning from the very best the game has to offer when you become a SquashSkills Member.

Join over 80,000 other squash players from around the world and start your journey to playing better squash today.

SAVE 40% & Play Better Squash With SquashSkills

Save 40% on a quarterly or annual membership and join thousands of other squash players from around the world and start your journey to playing better squash today.


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Watch Videos Anytime. Anywhere

The SquashSkills Coaching app will give you access to 4000 coaching videos from some of the most respected names in the sport.

Think of it as your ‘Netflix for squash’.

Whether you want to watch a documentary or understand how to improve your backhand drop, the full library can be accessed via the app with all the features that you would expect from a premium streaming service!

Meet Some Of Our Coaches

The game's best players and coaches all in one place

Jesse Engelbrecht

Former South African #1 & SquashMind Founder

Nick Matthew

3 x World Champion & 3 x British Open Champion

Camille Serme

Former World #2 & British Open Winner

Shaun Moxham

Coached 2 x World Champion, David Palmer

Peter Nicol

Former World Champion & World #1

James Willstrop

Former World #1 & Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist

Gary Nisbet

SquashSkills Fitness & Performance Coach

Lee Drew

Former England Junior National Squash & SquashTV Commentator

Jethro Binns

Former PSA Professional & SquashSkills Founder

Tania Bailey

England Squash High-Performance Coach & Former World #3

On-demand Squash Training

We’ve created the most extensive library of squash-specific training sessions to be found anywhere on the internet.

Whether you’re looking for a solo practice, a weights session, or ghosting sessions designed by Paul Coll we’ve got you covered. On top of this, you can keep track of your all your training, your food intake, and become part of the community forums.