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Developing Powerful Movement With Camille Serme

The 6-week online course starts on 11th November


Train with Camille

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to work with one of the finest female athletes of squash's modern era, as SquashSkills teams up with 'La Panthere' Camille Serme to offer you a unique chance to learn from an all-time star of the game.

Camille was a mainstay in the top 5 of the PSA rankings throughout her career, reaching a peak of World Number 2 in 2017. She has 15 PSA titles to her name, including a British Open, a US Open, and 2 ToC's.

Her athletic style and powerful movement marked her out as one of the sport's true elites during her career, and we're delighted to be able to share with you her unique knowledge and insights into optimal physical performance.


About the course

In this 6-week in-depth fitness programme, you will receive a combination of weekly on and off-court sessions with some of Camille's favourite drills and exercises, formulated to boost your power, and help drive your game to the next level.

Whatever your current level of fitness, the sessions will be adapted and adjusted to ensure you get maximum benefit from the course.

You'll also be given access to chat with her directly and ask your own questions, on our exclusive live Zoom calls that take place across the course.

Early booking is advised as we're expecting this course to sell out fast!

Sign up now and get:

6-week training course consisting of 2 main and 2 bonus sessions per week, designed and built by Camille Serme and Gary Nisbet

Access to the new SquashSkills Training App to follow and log all your workouts and progressions.

Direct access to Coach Gary Nisbet via WhatsApp for daily feedback and motivation to support your ongoing development

3 Exclusive Zoom calls with Camille Serme (Recordings will also be available)

Full access to

Flexibility to fit the whole course around your schedule no matter your other commitments or location



SquashSkills does a phenomenal job of putting together excellent, effective and practical training courses with awesome pros! A splendid way to improve our squash with challenging and engrossing workouts along with important mental support.

Teresa Conza


Having completed my 4th STC since the beginning of lockdown I’ve benefited from massive physical and mental gains. My mind has been able to remain focused and positive during these tough times and physically I’m in the best shape of my life and have managed to lose 4kg!

Scott Richardson


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Frequently Asked Questions

What level are the courses suitable for?

Each course is suitable for all levels from beginners to pros. The coaches will make sure you'll receive training suitable for your level and recommend any adjustments where needed.

What is the time commitment like with these courses?

Each course consists of 2 main sessions and 1-2 bonus sessions per week. Each session is around 30-45 minutes long. You will receive new sessions every Monday in the app and you can finish the weekly sessions around your availability, there are no specific days for the sessions.

The whole course is very flexible and you can participate from anywhere in the world!

Are these suitable for juniors?

The courses are suitable for all ages, including juniors. As the main communication channel with the coach and the rest of the team is WhatsApp then it is either the junior or the parent or both in the WhatsApp group to keep an eye on any notes, activities etc, depending on how the family decides.

I have further questions

More further questions about the SquashSkills Training Club courses you contact Sandra at