Welcome To Your New SquashSkills

Here's a few quick pointers to get you started

Important Information

Accessing The SquashSkills Training App

In order to access the SquashSkills Training app, you'll need to look out for an email from SquashSkills with the subject line 'You're invited to train with SquashSkills'.

This email contains your unique link to activate your account in the SquashSkills Training app but you will need to set up another password for the Training app specifically. We'd strongly recommend that you keep your password the same as used for your main SquashSkills account login for future ease.

The Training app sits on a separate platform that requires its own account activation and password. If you migrated over from the old site you would have been sent an email from SquashSkills on the 7th of September.

Chromecast To Your TV

You can use Chromecast to watch videos on your TV by casting from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

To stream videos, you should:

  • Connect Chromecast to their TV.

  • Connect their device to the same Wi-Fi network as their TV.

  • Find the video that they want to stream on their laptop or device and click on the Chromecast icon.

  • In the pop-up that appears, select the desired TV and cast.

Casting options when using Chromecast

  1. Using the Google Chrome web browser is supported.

  2. Casting from an iPhone and Android native apps is supported.

  3. Using an iPhone/iPad (iOS devices) web browser, either Safari or Google Chrome is not possible due to limitations from Apple (Airplay is supported instead).

  4. Using the Android web browser and Google Chrome is supported. While it is possible to cast from other web browsers, it cannot be guaranteed.

  5. You can cast only to Chromecast devices or Android boxes, such as Xiaomi Mi TV.

Linking My SquashLevels Account

We partnered with SquashLevels because we believe it's important to be able to track your progress whilst trying to improve. SquashLevels are currently expanding their reach globally but do not have connections in place with every completion system. If you cannot find yourself in SquashLevels it is most likely because your source system (league/tournament management tool) is not connected.

Most results are automatically sent from a source league or tournament system.

If you would like a player and their results to be added to the system, the best bet is to ask the league or tournament organiser to ask their system provider to get in touch with SquashLevels and they will help them set up an automated feed quickly and easily.

If you want to link your SquashSkills and SquashLevels accounts together but do not have an active SquashLevels account you can create one easily here, and then come back to SquashSkills and find your new profile from your account. To get a level you will need to play a competitive match against another player in the system who also has a level.

If you would like to get a provisional level you can take the Skills Tests which will give you a pretty good indication as to what your approximate level would be.

Download Videos To Watch Offline

In the SquashSkills Coaching app, you can now download videos to watch offline. Simply go to the video you want to download and tap the 3-dot icon under the description.

You'll then be able to access your downloaded videos within the account section of the app.

Where Have My Playlists Gone?

Unfortunately we were unable to migrate any stored playlist information across from the old site. We appreciate that this will be frustrating for some of you but we are hugely confident that the new improved usability of the website and mobile apps will more than make up for it.

We Recommend Turning On Dark Mode...

...In the SquashSkills Coaching app to make it look extra special!

Still Got Some Questions?

Not a problem. Get in touch with customer support, and we'll be more than happy to help.


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SquashSkills Coaching

Download the SquashSkills Coaching app (iOS/Android) and unlock access to the full library of coaching videos, interviews and documentaries. Save your favourite videos and download to watch offline anytime.

SquashSkills Training

Download the SquashSkills Training app (iOS/Android) to put your learnings into practice and kickstart your training with our session library.